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Den 6 - Unity Review

In May, I am looking to have a special guest joining us to discuss what it is like to design games.  Mike Geig is an author, game designer, and trainer for Unity Technologies.  I will introduce Unity in our April Den meeting.

To help you understand all the cool things you can do with Unity, I have uploaded some WebGL versions of games to give you a flavor of what is possible.  Unity can build games on over 21 platforms including PC,Mac, Android, IOS, PS4, XBox, WII U.   To find out more about Unity visit their website

WebGL is a javascript library that enables the rendering of 2D and 3D graphics within a browser.
Check my browser by clicking => here
List of browser versions with support click => here

Below are some examples of what I have built for our April Den Meeting.  Simply click the image to launch the game. 

2D Games
HatTrick - User your mouse to move the hat and catch the bowling balls.  Beware of the bombs!  Shows basic gravity, collisions.

2DShooter - Use your keyboard to navigate your spaceship through the barrage of aliens.  Shows music, graphics, game play.

AngryScouts - My take on angry birds.  Launch your popcorn at the girls scout cookie boxes to crush their cookies!  Shows elastic joints, collision detection, graphics, gameplay.

3D Games 
3DAdventure - Navigate a 3D world to locate the Arrow of Light, just don't fall in the water!  Shows 3D worlds, textures, terrains, first person shooter style game play.